2018.04Energy Valley Star Enterprise certified(KEPCO)

2017.09Naju factory completed and production started

2016.12Small and Medium Business of Technical Innovation (INNO-BIZ) certified(Small and Medium Business Administration)

2015.12170kV GIS (50kA, 4000A) developed(standard revised)

2015.0829kV GIS (20kA, 2000A) developed

2014.09170kV GIS (20kA, 1250/2000A) developed (standard revised)

2010.0472.5kV GIS Performance Authentication obtained (Small and Medium Business Administration)

2010.04170kV GIS (50kA, 4000A) developed


2009.0572.5kV GIS (20kA, 1200/2000A) developed

2008.10Citation for Excellent Enterprise of Technical Innovation (Small and Medium Business Administration)

2008.0972.5kV GIS MOU was executed with JAPAN AE POWER for technical collaboration

2008.02170kV GIS Performance Authentication obtained(Small and Medium Business Administration)

2007.11170kV GIS (50kA, 1200/2000A) developed

2007.07New Electric Technology Award for the SF6 Gas Collecting Equipment(Ministry of Industry and Resources)

2007.04Gold Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit at 42nd Day of Electricity

2007.01SF6 Gas Collecting Equipment developed

2006.04170kV GIS Technical collaboration with JAPAN AE POWER SYSTEM

2004.1225.8kV, 25kV, 600/2000A GIS New Standards developed(IEC 62271-100)

2003.11Citation for Technical Development of Electric Equipment and Materials(Ministry of Industry and Resources)

2003.0125.8kV, 25kA, 600/2000A GIS developed(registered with KEPCO as a qualified supplier)

2002.11“Million Dollar Tower” awarded on the 39th Day of International Trade

2002.01Selected as a Promising Electric Venture Enterprise(Korea Elec Power Corp.-KEPCO)


1998.10Type I Electrical Works License acquired

1998.07Selected as a Venture Enterprise (Small and Medium Business Administration, Gyeonggi-do Province)

1997.12Citation as a Company of Merit for Heavy Electric Equipment Production Technology, 1997(Ministry of Trade and Industry)

1997.06Designated as an Enterprise of Excellent Technology(Korea Technology Credit Guarantee Fund)

1997.03Selected as a Promising Small and Medium Industry of Korea(Gyeonggi-do Province)

1996.11ISO 9001, ISO 14001, KSA 9001 certified(Korea Productivity Center)

1995.11Received Prime Minister’s Award for Developing Excellent Materials

1993.08R&D Center of Dongnam established

1986.01Pre-qualified for tender for Korea Railway Corp’s Projects

1985.04Pre-qualified for tender for Korea Elec. Power Corp’s Projects

1984.08Dongnam Co., Ltd. established