72.5kV Gas Insulated Gear


Main equipment in a substation including circuit breaker, disconnector, earth switch, potential transformer, current transformer, bus and lightning arrester are built into a casing for insulation. SF6 gas, which has excellent arc extinguishing properties, is filled in to organize the electric power system to form an integrated switch device.

Characteristics of the Product
  • The new IEC Standard [IEC 62271-100(2008)]was applied for the first time in Korea, ensuring excellent performance and high reliability.
  • Switches are compacted by manipulating electric springs.
  • The two-phase encapsulated type structure is simple to install and convenient for maintenance.
  • Low noise manipulating device is applied.

Substation of electric railroad

sectioning post

auxiliary sectioning post

Rated voltage (kV) 72.5
Standard GIS IEC60517(1994)
CB IEC62271-100(2008)
Rated current (A) 1200 / 2000
Rated interrupting current (kA) 20
Power frequency withstand voltage (to ground/polarity) 140/160
Lightning impulse withstand voltage (to ground/polarity) 325/375
Rated short time withstand current (kA) 50
Rated SF6 Gas pressure
(kgf/c㎡·G at 20°C)
breaking part 5.0
others 3.5
Circuit breaker class E1/C2/M2/S2
Manipulating method circuit breaker spring (two-phase encapsulated manipulation)
disconnector electric (two-phase encapsulated manipulation)
Earthing switch manual (two-phase encapsulated manipulation)