25.8kV Gas Insulated Gear
(for underground)

  • SF6 Gas Insulated Gear (installed on the ground) is a switch using SF6 gas, which has excellent insulation and arc extinguishing properties. It is designed to be installed on distribution lines.
  • To be used for tapped way and separation
  • Manual, automatic and remote control available.
Characteristics of the Product
  • No repair type
  • Easy installation, as it is small in size and has a light weight
  • Track voltage and current can be measured (optional)
  • Safety devices are provided (gas pressure degradation, locking device, safety locking, safety membrane, pressure gauge)
Type GPAD-3A / 3M GPAD-4A / 4M
Rated voltage (kV) 25.8
Rated current(A) 600
Switch circuit 3Way to 4Way
Power frequency withstand voltage (kV) 60
Shock wave withstand voltage (kV) 125
Rated short time current (kA, rms) 12.5
Rated input current (kA, peak-time) 32.5 – 5 times
Rated load switching frequency (times) 200 C-0
Weight (manual/automatic) (Kg) 420 / 300 500 / 380
Standard IEC 60265-1 / IEC 60694
/ ES5925-0002