25.8kV Eco Friendly Gas Insulated Gear


The bus, switch, transformer and lightning arrester inside the metal casing are built in, and are insulated by eco-friendly insulating material (dry-air) to protect the power system through the switch.

Characteristics of the Product
  • Uses eco-friendly insulating material (dry-air)
  • Excellent durability and reliability through PMA manipulation
  • Simple LCP wiring by IED
  • Metal casing grounded to secure safety in operation and repair

Power plant substation

Rated voltage (kV) 25.8
Rated current (A) 630 / 2000
Rated short time current (kA) 25
Rated interrupting time (cycle) 5
Rated frequency (Hz) 60
Power frequency withstand voltage (kV) phase/earth 60
polarity 66
Lightning impulse withstand voltage (kV) phase/earth 150
polarity 165
Duty cycle O-0.3s-CO-15s-CO
Rated gas pressure (Mpa) 0.2
Minimum guaranteed pressure (Mpa) 0.15